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Resiliency gets easier.

I used to scratch and crawl and whine when I got injured. I was miserable and I hated the experience of “sitting out” from running and the lack of routine. At 31, and many injuries/setbacks later, I can actually say I fully accept time away from running and take advantage of the downtime.

While being diagnosed with endometriosis isn’t at the top of my list, it’s a reality that I started facing over a year ago. With that diagnosis came surgery in October 2016. A setback. I enjoyed the time off because I know my body needed to rest. I did other things to keep me busy, but I was quickly back to running a month later. I was competing again in spring and once again felt like myself when I ran. I ended my season with a 5:02 road mile and took some more time off in July/August for our house renovation. It would’ve been the perfect storm if I tried to train full time and work on a house 8 hours a day.

In July I experienced another pain episode very much related to what I felt a year ago when I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I knew the masses came back. I started training again and monitoring my pain. Endometriosis is painful (often compared to birthing pains) and it messes with your digestive system, which is tricky when running already messes with your bowel! I’ve had to learn more about my symptoms and my body cues. I had two more pain episodes, one when we went on our vacation in CO. You know the pain is real when you lay in the car while everyone else does a run with Kara Goucher. The next pain episode came while Eric and I were camping in the middle of the night in October.

Running has been something to keep me balanced, but it’s not forced. I’ve found enjoyment in the sport again, thus I’ve continued to train and race when I can.

After seeing a specialist in Hershey this month, we decided that another surgery is needed and we have a plan moving forward. I was able to race a 5k a couple weekends ago and surprised myself with an 18:39 on a HILLY course. After my surgery was postponed, I decided to sign up for the Rothman 8k race this weekend and do the turkey trot next week to end my running stint before surgery. I’m looking forward to seeing friends this weekend in Philadelphia.

I’m so thankful for each of these opportunities. I’m looking forward to the road ahead. Most likely I will learn something new this time around about myself and I will appreciate my body even more through this setback.

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