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Part 2: LOVE...Yourself Just the Way You Are

This can be tough; especially because we are given thousands of daily messages about how being ourselves is not good enough. Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” How true!

The advertising industry is built on this thief of joy. Their primary purpose is to convince us we don’t have what we need, but if we BUY something, our problems will be solved. That something could be………….a certain brand of shoe, makeup, hair color, bra, supplement, diet plan, exercise regimen, Hallmark card, or cotton sheets. The industry also does an amazing job convincing us that if that certain something doesn’t make us fabulous, then it’s because we didn’t use it correctly. And guess what? This keeps us on the treadmill to nowhere looking for the next, best something.

When was the last time you compared yourself to someone in a favorable way?.........In a way that didn’t require you to purchase anything or feel bad about yourself?

“Oh wow, look at her beautiful, shiny hair. It’s just liked mine!” Or, “She has such a great work ethic and incredible determination. She reminds me of me!” Or, to quote Megan Trainor, ♪ “If I was you, I’d wanna be me, too, I’d wanna be me, too, I’d wanna be me!”♪ Hmmmmmm, I’m guessing, never?!

I’m not suggesting we act arrogant or uppity. But I am suggesting we accept compliments, give compliments that are not related to how someone looks, engage in positive self-talk, focus on the amazing things our bodies can do and gracefully accept the things we cannot change. What we need is NOT a certain something. We need a certain way of thinking.

Every time a negative thought about our self surfaces, we can reject it and replace it with positive self-talk.

Given the amount of time we engage in negative self-talk and comparison, it’s no wonder negative body image is so prevalent. Changing our thoughts, changing our conversations and changing our actions can have a huge, positive impact on how we see ourselves and how we perceive the way others view us.

Finally, consider your most intimate relationships. Are you close to these people because of the way they look? Do you love them because they are smart or athletic? My guess is you are drawn to these people because they are kind, caring, empathetic, creative, passionate, imaginative and/or funny. And they are likely drawn to you for these same attributes. Remember this the next time self-doubt invades your thoughts. We Are Enough!

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