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About The F.L.Y. Movement

FUEL: Fuel Your Mind, Body and Soul

LOVE: Yourself and Others "As Is"

YOU:  Are Enough and Can Make a Difference

Providing educational workshops to cultivate safe spaces for athletic teams to discuss body image, self-talk, social media & how that relates to your sport.  Our mission is to create transparency in the way you think and talk about body image and eating disorders in athletics.

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Partner with Megan 

Megan Hutchinson

M.Ed. & Graduate Certificate in Eating Disorders

Megan Hutchinson was a D1 track and field athlete in 2004-2008. Through the personal experience of an eating disorder along with a passion and education in positive body image and eating disorder awareness in athletics, Megan co-founded The F.L.Y. Movement.  “I wanted to create this platform in athletics where you can talk about anything without judgement.  There is a freedom and feeling of flight to that.  Hence, The F.L.Y. Movement.”

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“The scars you share become lighthouses for other people who are headed to the same rocks you hit.”

― Jon Acuff


Very personal and intriguing, I really liked the videos to support the presentation as well.

Penn State Women's Lacrosse Team

Connection through past experiences helped give strong knowledge of the topic. The use of pictures and videos (Dove) really helped get the point across.

Penn State Women's Lacrosse Team

It was nice to find ways to focus on ourselves, whether it would be spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically.  I like creating goals for myself, so I appreciated the worksheet to really evaluate myself.  Sometimes it's nice to open up and feel vulnerable in a safe environment.

Penn State Lionettes Dance Team

She gave us a space to talk about mental health and informed us about it too!  It's a hard topic to talk about for most and I think seeing other people our age going through the same things is helpful and let's us know we have people or resources we can lean on.

Penn State Lionettes Dance Team

The presentation gave really good insight on what it's like being an athlete and dealing with body image issues.

Penn State Lionettes Dance Team

The relatable and modern content in the presentation helped draw the eye of the audience in my opinion. I also enjoyed the hand-on activity we had to do.

Penn State Lionettes Dance Team

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Participant feedback

“The love and care of their brand shines through and their message provokes thought about your body in a different way.”

"At Oiselle Birdcamp we had a room full of women of all ages, shapes and sizes.  The F.L.Y. Movement spoke to every single one of us on a personal level.  We all deal with body image issues or know someone who does.  The message here is powerful.  Love who you are.  Embrace that person.  Find strength in accepting that person for who she is.  And celebrate all of it."

"We really enjoyed working with Megan and Jody and being a part of the FLY movement.  Raising awareness about body image issues, and developing a dialogue among our team was extremely beneficial."

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